Environment Policy

Print North East recognises that its products and business operations have an influence on the environment and endeavours to take practical steps to minimise any negative impact.

As a responsible company strive to comply with all environmental and other requirements that apply to our activities products and services. We ensure the availability of the necessary resources
to implement, maintain and develop environmental management in order to deliver continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

To ensure this we have adopted the following policies:

Our operations and activities comply with applicable laws, regulations licences and other commitments to which the company subscribes.

We identify, reduce and dispose of waste arising from our operations in a manner that minimises harm to the environment and prevents pollution of land air and water.

In 2010, we installed our new Heidelberg computer-to-plate machine, reducing harmful chemicals used in the plate making process to 0%. Since 2009, all of our waste paper products have been recycled, contributing to sustainability within the industry.We have reduced the consumption of fuel, energy and use renewable and or recyclable resources wherever practical.

In 2009 we switched to vegetable oil based inks, reduced our VOC’s by half and implemented a policy to only print on paper which is either recycled or from an accredited FSC source.

We apply the principals of hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control taking into account environmental impacts when making new investments or disposing of old assets, and provide information and training for employees on relevant environmental issues.

Print North East takes responsibility for the maintenance and revision of all environmental issues, and review on a regular basis, in order to set environmental objectives and targets for continuous improvement.

Print North East Ltd

Policy reviewed January 2014